SharePoint hits the road for the Working Social Tour

Michael Holste (@mike_holste) is a social media contributor at Microsoft.

With the Working Social Tour now underway and co-hosted by SharePoint, it’s a great time to talk about how Yammer is revolutionizing the workplace. But don’t take it from us-you can see for yourself at the tour’s next FREE event in New York City on Tuesday, November 5. The first stop in San Francisco was a huge success, coinciding with the launch of Yammer Moments, and SharePoint was there to live-tweet the event and capture the excitement. The training opportunities and executive lunch beforehand were a great way to get introduced to Yammer, polish your social skills and network with experts across numerous industries, and the New York event promises the same great opportunities.

Working Social Tour NYC agenda

First, hear keynote speaker Adam Pisoni, Yammer Co-founder and CTO, talk about how Yammer can transform the way you work. It’s more than enterprise social-it’s about collaboration, disruption and empowerment. Adam shows real stories about real people whose lives have been changed through Yammer, along with stories of how they now are changing others’ lives. See some of these stories on the Yammer Moments site.

Next, a panel of executives from a variety of industries will discuss how Yammer has changed their respective organizations. The stories’ narratives are similar and mirror the idea that social rollout is more of a “pull” than “push”–the power of the network is derived from the engagement of the users. This is in line with the Gartner findings that adoption is 80% organizational change and 20% technological.  (Gartner, The Nexus Effect and How the Nexus of Forces Alters Established Architecture Models, Sept. 2012.) You will learn best practices, how to overcome the struggles and obstacles of shifting communication to social and unique success stories about the social journey.

From there, you’ll have the chance to attend various breakout sessions, ranging from an introductory overview session, to a deep dive session filled with integration updates, product announcements and best practices.

The event closes with a cocktail reception where attendees can mix it up with Yammer and Microsoft executives and professionals from an array of organizations. On top of being a great opportunity to network with industry experts, there are also booths where you can preview products and hear about the latest improvements, watch Twitter discussions surrounding the event and see the power of Yammer in real-time.


Enterprise social encompasses both measurable and immeasurable benefits, but Yammer offers both. While the increased productivity and collaboration advantages are clear, Yammer also adds intangible value to businesses. According to a recent Gallup study, only 13% of global employees are engaged in the workplace. Yammer increases engagement by flattening organizations and giving a megaphone to employees at every level. This isn’t simply giving workers empowering technology, this is giving workers a voice. Yammer puts the ideas, knowledge and innovation that is trapped in individuals into an open environment. Just as SharePoint and Office 365 leverage technology to improve productivity and streamline workloads, Yammer leverages human capital. It harnesses communication and concepts and turns them in actionable projects. It transforms the way that people work and changes how organizations get work done. Companies that don’t embrace and leverage enterprise social will be disrupted, but in today’s world of accelerated pace of change, Yammer helps you compete and win in an increasingly fast, and increasingly smart marketplace.

Register for Working Social Tour in NYC or Amsterdam

Book your place now for the Working Social Tour taking over New York City on November 5 and Amsterdam on February 11. For people who are not yet sold on the idea of enterprise social, the Working Social Tour is FREE, so you have nothing to lose.

Go deeper with Yammer

There is an entire track dedicated to enterprise social and Yammer at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, March 3-6, 2014. Learn about further integration and new features, get Yammer-certified, learn to develop apps with Yammer, and dive deep into community management, user adoption, increasing engagement, and much more!