Halloween planning with OneNote

Olya Veselova is a Program Manager on the OneNote team.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love getting dressed up, but most of my fun comes from making elaborate costumes for my husband and me. Whether it’s a Renaissance dress or a pirate outfit, I’ve used OneNote to collect ideas, sketch, and annotate to come up with some of my most creative costumes yet.

Gathering pictures and costume ideas

I use Screen Clipping (Windows+S) or Send to OneNote with the OneNote Clipping tool (Windows+N) when I see pictures and ideas online. With OneNote, I can paste them into all over the page and rearrange. My OneNote page is a brainstorm where I can collect ideas and keep them all in one place. Here’s a few examples from my notebook:

Annotating over pictures

I love drawing over photos to get a rough idea of what the final costume will look like. Check out my sketch-up over a photograph of my husband Jason…I definitely decided to go with this costume!


Sketching out measurements and fabric layout

I could sketch out measurements and layouts on paper, but I prefer to do this on my tablet in OneNote. This way, I can look up measurements in OneNote on my phone when I’m in the fabric store and trying to decide how much fabric to buy. Here’s some measurements from previous costumes.

Keep everything in one place

My favorite part of Halloween costume planning in OneNote is that all my content is accessible in one place.

For example, I recently made a costume cloak with blue LED lights sewn into the lining. I had to brush up on what I learned back in school about electricity – I could just paste what I learned online into OneNote, and it preserved the link back to the site.

 I also made an animation in PowerPoint to see how the lights would go on and off, and just attached the file to the page (Insert > File Attachment). It’s so easy to access later.

 Finally, I sketched my circuit layout right over the picture of the lining in OneNote.

In the end, my circuit didn’t work quite like I intended, but the blue lights still looked cool:)

Over the years…

OneNote has helped me make several fun costumes over the years for my husband and me. What are you going to be for Halloween? How have you used OneNote for project planning? Share out in the comments below!


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