Test yourself with the Visio Racing Game

Alexander Matyushenko is a Product Marketing Manager on the Microsoft Visio team.

Think you know Visio? Test your knowledge with the Visio Racing Game. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran user, during your next break from work take a couple of laps in the Visio car and brush up on fun facts.

As you drive, you’ll check your knowledge of the new Visio. When you answer questions correctly, you can upgrade your car to get an edge on the competition.

You can unlock up to 8 different upgrades to your car, such as lights, tires, and even turbo! With a few right answers you’ll have everything you need to get to the top of our leader board.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the right answer, just keep racing and we’ll show you all the correct answers after you cross the finish line.

You also can challenge your colleagues and friends to test their knowledge. Finish the race and then send an invitation to your opponent. When they accept, they’ll race against your best score.

Check out the Visio Racing Game at everyone.racewithvisio.com and enjoy your racing experience! Learn more about the new Visio at www.visio.com.

–Alexander Matyushenko, Product Marketing Manager