How a government worker uses Office


More and more governments are considering cloud computing to increase productivity and improve collaboration, while reducing IT costs and protecting data. But which cloud productivity solution should you choose?

Microsoft has years of experience working with governments at all levels around the globe. After weighing the options, government agencies including New York State, the Hamburg Port Authority, and the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission have decided that Office 365 is the right solution for them. And so have many other government agencies. With Office 365, government workers use familiar tools to maximize their productivity, take collaboration to a new level, and better serve citizens.

With Google Apps, staying productive isn’t as easy. Users waste time searching for familiar Outlook features. Their ability to collaborate is compromised. And staying productive without internet access is difficult.

The infographic below shows what a day in the life of a government worker is like using Office 365 versus Google Apps. Check it out for yourself!

— David Alexander, @MSFTDavid, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Office 365

 Click here to download the infographic.