Office Store investments bring new opportunities to developers

With the continuing momentum of the Office Store, we are delighted to share that starting this spring we’ll begin supporting Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Brazilian (Portuguese) and Italian language apps alongside the opening of 8 additional store fronts (Russia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Brazil). Additionally, based on partner feedback, we are excited to announce that we’ll be adding subscription pricing for apps in the Office Store allowing developers to charge a monthly recurring fee for their solutions.

These enhancements increase the opportunity for developers to promote and distribute apps globally or within the 31 individual selectable markets where the Office Store is available. Developers will have an even greater choice between free, trial, paid and subscription versions of their apps, broadening their reach to entirely new users, customers and segments. As Peter Duff, President and CEO of Adlib explains, “Partnering with Microsoft to offer Adlib PDF Publisher in the Office Store has opened us up to a completely new market segment that has traditionally been out of reach. The subscription model will allow customers to use our enterprise functionality without an upfront IT capital expenditure.”

Apps for Office and SharePoint scenarios extend across Microsoft products and interact with external data. For example, imagine your key business data appearing live right within Excel or your travel plans being booked from within Outlook and then updated real time in your calendar appointment.

In October, developers are welcome to begin updating and/or submitting subscription apps in the Seller Dashboard. And starting in November, Office Store users will be able to purchase subscription apps. Click here for instructions for how to update your app link.  For those developers who wish to submit apps, or update their apps in new markets, submissions will open in December. Office Store customers will have access to local language apps and store fronts by early spring.

The Office Store is available to all customers of the new Office and can be accessed directly within Office applications and at Hundreds of business and productivity apps are available, created from well-known ISVs to individual developers and start-ups. You can also build your app and reach these customers. In fact, Office users have already downloaded well over 1 million apps from the Store! 

Not only are we are making it easier for customers to find apps that make them more productive, we are providing an opportunity for developers who may have never developed for the Microsoft platform before – and the new development model makes it easier than ever for developers to build, run and maintain adding value to both their business and their customers.  

Learn how to build an app and deliver solutions seamlessly right within the new Office on our developer center here:   

I hope you’re as excited as we are about the possibilities!