Invitation to join ModelOff 2013, the Excel Financial Modeling World Championship

Modeloff Financial Modeling

For all of you professionals and students who love finance, spreadsheets, and numerical analysis, Microsoft is co-sponsoring a fun, educational, and challenging event: ModelOff 2013, the Excel Financial Modeling World Championship.

Over 3,000 participants from over 100 countries are expected, and the top 16 finalists will come to Microsoft’s New York offices to compete for prizes up to $30,000. While in New York, the finalists will get to meet key members of the Excel development team along with the world-class Excel wizards behind the competition. The first round begins on October 26, and registration is now open on the Modeloff website.

Financial modeling and Excel

Here on the Excel team, we’re proud that Excel is the world’s leading platform for financial modeling. Financial modeling is the numerical analysis of financial assets, businesses, stocks, and other investments, and it plays a central role in nearly every large enterprise decision. Each day, tens of millions of finance professionals and students use the versatility and power of Excel to make better decisions for their businesses and communities.

How Excel financial models create value

Financial models find answers to some of the world’s most important and complex business questions. Financial analysts routinely use Excel to tackle problems such as:

  • Optimizing capital allocation: Should we invest in project A or project B?
  • Understanding risk: What are the key assumptions that need to be true for this investment to be profitable? What is the impact of an adverse shift in consumer confidence on our bottom line?
  • Valuing projects and companies: What is this project worth, and what can we pay for it? If we acquired this company, what would happen to our assets and liabilities?
  • Financing large projects: How much debt and equity do we need? How can we service our debt? What are our expected equity returns?

For over 25 years, Excel has been the gold standard tool for solving business problems such as these. As the problems of financial modeling have grown more complex over time, we have continually evolved Excel to enable our users to solve them with elegance.

Best of luck to all participants of ModelOff 2013, and don’t forget to register here.

– Daniel Stein, Excel Program Manager