Office 365 news roundup

The well-known management consultant Peter Drucker once said that “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” It’s advice that we take to heart. Over the past several months, we’ve been working hard to create the future by providing valuable updates that meet the needs of Office 365 customers.

On the heels of significant improvements to SkyDrive Pro  and doubling the size of Exchange Online mailboxes, we recently announced several improvements to SharePoint Online including raising the limit on SharePoint Online storage from 250 MB to 2 GB. All of these updates are an effort to improve our services as an increasing number of companies turn to cloud computing.

It’s rewarding to see the continued movement to the cloud, and to Office 365, in particular. According to a recent study by the nonprofit IT industry trade association, CompTIA, 90 percent of companies now claim some sort of cloud usage. Wow! The great news is that many of these companies are turning to Office 365. If you haven’t yet, please read why health manufacturer Physiotherm opted for Office 365 to support its rapid growth. We are honored to help Physiotherm and thousands of other companies create a highly productive future with Office 365.

Below is a round-up of key news items from the last couple weeks. Enjoy!

Microsoft Office 365 revolutionises planning consultancy. UK chartered plan consultancy firm Bell Cornwell discusses how Office 365 provides with confidence that company data is securely backed up.

Microsoft offers free versions of Office 365 to nonprofits. Earlier this week, we announced that eligible nonprofits can access a free version of Office 365.

Starting Yammer conversations from documents stored in SharePoint Online. Having two-way conversations about documents in real time, from within the documents themselves, can not only enhance communication, it can also improve employee engagement and spark innovation.

Collaborate confidently using Rights Management. Learn how to take advantage of a unique customer controls feature in Office 365: Microsoft Rights Management.

Don’t overlook the importance of effective SharePoint user training. Leanne Bateman of the Beacon Strategy Group shares best practices for an effective SharePoint training program.

Running meetings & webinars on Lync. If you missed the recent live webinar, you can now view the recording to and learn how to improve your meetings with Lync.

Transition to Office 365 Email and Calendar Continues. The University of Wisconsin-Madison will begin migrating faculty and staff to Office 365 in early 2014.