InnoGames: Online gaming operator scores big with Office 365

Today’s post is written by InnoGames Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Michael Zillmer, and Chief of IT, Christopher Lindemann.

Inno GamesSuccess and growth are wonderful for a business, but we grew so quickly that our IT infrastructure struggled to keep up. Our IT staff is small, and constant support requests related to problems with our email system got in the way of more important projects like a planned business intelligence initiative.

We really needed to get our IT staff out of troubleshooting and on to more strategic projects that would benefit our bottom line. When our Microsoft Partner, Layer2, suggested we look at Microsoft Office 365, we were intrigued.

Office 365 has really made a big difference in how we do business. The main benefit for us was of course freeing up our IT department. Now they can help us uncover new business opportunities using our BI data. It’s also become effortless to add new users to the system as we grow, and the collaboration tools in Office 365 have changed our employees’ ability to work with colleagues in other locations.

Our move to Office 365 has really enabled us to move our business forward very rapidly. It’s really one of the smartest IT decisions we could have made!

Screenshot of Forge of Empires game from Inno Games.

For more detail read the full case study.