OneNote for iPhone and iPad update, new notebooks and sections on iPad, and additional improvements on iPhone

Avneesh Kohli is a Program Manager on the OneNote team.

Today, we released a new update to OneNote for iPhone and iPad. With this update OneNote on the iPad is untethered because you can now create notebooks on the iPad as well as create, delete and rename sections.  When the team shipped the update we heard some customers asking for these features on the iPad so they could do everything from within OneNote and we are pleased to announce that this update is now available.
If you already have OneNote installed on your iOS device, get the latest on the Updates tab in the App Store. Or you can get started for free by downloading OneNote for iPad or OneNote for iPhone from the App Store.

New SkyDrive notebooks

Notebooks are an essential part of OneNote and play a significant role in helping you organize all of your content. Many of our customers submitted feedback requesting the ability to create new notebooks.  We’re happy to announce that OneNote for iPad now has full support for creating new SkyDrive notebooks.

On the Notebooks list, tap Create Notebook.  

Enter a name for your new notebook, then tap Create. You’re all set!

Add, rename, and delete sections

Sections are a great way to help you group your notes within a notebook. With this update, you can add, rename and delete sections.

It’s really easy to add a section on OneNote for iPad: On the sections bar, tap the plus button, enter a name for your new section, and you’re on your way.

Tap the desired section title to bring up the two options, Delete and Rename.

 If you’d like to rename a section, select that option, and the section title will be automatically highlighted. Just start typing and tap Done on your keyboard to save the new name.

Japanese typing improvements

Some of our Japanese-language customers reported slow typing responsiveness. Our engineering team did some remarkable work, and we think you’ll be really pleased with the results.

Download size reduction

We received feedback from some of our customers that the download size of OneNote for iPhone was too big, and now the download size is less than half the size of our previous release.

Automatic list detection

OneNote for iPhone and iPad offers a variety of text formatting options, so you can craft and style notes the way you want to. Many of our customers frequently utilize lists as part of formatting their notes. This update offers support for automatic list detection, so you can spend less time formatting your content and more time creating it.

Bug fixes

We addressed a number of reported bugs from our last release.


This wraps up the highlights from our latest OneNote release for iPhone and iPad. Our team has worked incredibly hard to deliver some features and fixes we think you’re going to really love. Please make sure to update, or get started for free by downloading OneNote from the App Store.

We always appreciate your continued feedback via the App Store, Facebook, and Twitter — we rely on it to continually improve OneNote and make it the best possible note taking experience for our customers.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, please check out the OneNote Answers site where you can see responses to FAQs or ask a question.

–Avneesh Kohli


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