Ali Larter video: Keeping it all together with Office 365

Guest blogger Ali Larter is an actress, and year-round “reveler,” perhaps most recognizable from the NBC show Heroes.

Like a lot of working moms, I wear a lot of hats (mom, wife, actress, author, and more), while trying to balance “me time.” To help me stay organized and get it all done, I found Office 365 Home Premium, which allows me to accomplish things from anywhere, on my terms.

We’re all creatures of habit, but I’ve learned that even small changes in my daily routine can make a huge difference. Whether it’s a date night with my husband, or getting my son to his doctor’s appointment on time, Outlook keeps me on track with my calendar, important contacts and emails all in one view.

I am motivated and passionate about so many things from food, to fashion and entertaining, and that’s why I love OneNote. I can use the Screen Clipping feature when I am browsing the Web to quickly grab a photo, recipe or idea that sparks my excitement. It’s been a lifesaver for creating my blog!

Speaking of which, I love cooking and entertaining so much that I wrote a book about it! I used Word to help write my newest labor of love, Kitchen Revelry (due out on September 10). Whenever and wherever inspiration hit, I was able to continue exactly where I left off through the Resume Reading feature.

And that’s just the beginning of it! Check out this video I shot showing how Office 365 helps me in my daily routine.

For more fun with Office, you can head over to to submit your “throwback” photo to help celebrate the back to school season, and for a chance to win technology goodies. Don’t hide that first day of school photo, embrace it–I know I am!

–Ali Larter

Check out the extended video to see more of how Ali uses Office 365 to manage her busy life.