Office 365 news round-up

Whether it’s a great new restaurant, a low-maintenance car, or an innovative appliance, spotting a sweet deal makes us feel good. Why? Because we know we’re getting top value for our money. IT solutions are no different. We feel good when we purchase technology that offers our organization a complete solution at top value

Over the past couple of weeks, the State of New YorkInternational Airlines Group, and Aston Martin all announced they’re moving to Office 365 as a way to cut costs while improving collaboration and obtaining a high level of security. As Daniel Roach-Rooke, IT Infrastructure Manager of Aston Martin put it “Office 365 gives our employees the technology they need to drive the business forward.”

To offer customers top value for their money, Office 365 must meet their expectations for availability, flexibility, and innovation. Over the last couple of weeks, we announced our stellar availability numbers for Office 365 over the last four quarters. We also made it possible for customers to easily switch between Office 365 business plans. And we added a Message Center to help Office 365 admins stay up-to-date with important notifications and updates coming to their service. These are just a few of the ways in which we’re continuing to make Office 365 a sweet deal for our customers.

Below is a round-up of these and other key news items from the last couple weeks. Enjoy!

New York Backs Microsoft with 120,000-Seat Office 365 Move. New York State plans to deploy Office 365 to its 120,000 employees, expecting to save an estimated $3 million.

British Airways Takes to the Cloud with Microsoft Office 365. British Airways and Iberia parent company IAG says shifting to Office 365 will cut costs and improve collaboration among its 58,000 airline staff.

Student E-mail Will Move to MS Office 365 this Fall. The University of Iowa is moving its students to Office 365, providing them with larger mailboxes and a full portfolio of communication and collaboration tools.

Microsoft Promises 99.9 Percent Office 365 Availability for Business, and It’s Close. Microsoft “achieves its stellar uptime numbers using techniques such as redundancy, resiliency, distributed services, monitoring, simplification, and even humans.”

Office 365: My Five Favorite Things. Tech analyst and writer Paul Thurrott discusses his favorite things about Microsoft Office 365.

Google: Gmail Users Shouldn’t Expect Email Privacy. People sending email to Google’s Gmail users have no “reasonable expectation” that their communications are confidential, Google said in a court filing.

Microsoft Details New Office 365 Upgrade Options. Microsoft rolls out its promised Office 365 switching capability, allowing users to upgrade to new plans more easily and quickly.