Q & A with our Explorer intern Aaron Malveaux

OneNote intern Aaron MalveauxThe Explorer program allows college students to experience different disciplines at Microsoft. Aaron Malveaux joins us from Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he studies computer science and is active on campus and in the surrounding community.

To welcome Aaron as an intern on the OneNote team, we asked him about his Microsoft experience. Here’s what Aaron had to say.

Where do you go to school?

I attend Howard University in Washington, D.C. I study computer science, and I am heavily involved on campus and in the community. I perform the bulk of my service within an organization named TRUST: A Society for Men and for the National Society of Black Engineers. I usually participate in the events that impact the young minds in the D.C. area.

What is an Explorer intern? Why did you decide to become one?

An Explorer intern participates in a rotation program that allows college students to experience the three main disciplines at Microsoft: Program Manager, Software Development Engineer, and Software Development Engineer in Test. This program has my name written all over it, because I asked my recruiter so many questions about each discipline and still could not make a choice. That reason alone was motivation enough for me, but also I felt that the Explorer program was sort of a soul search for me to find a balance between my technical and organizational skills.

Program Manager, Developer, or Tester? Which do you prefer most and why?

The Explorer program was a successful soul search for me, because I discovered exactly what I wanted to know about myself. I discovered I’m best suited as a Program Manager, a position that I have never heard mentioned or described in any computer science course I’ve taken. I saw it as a position that I would have after getting an MBA or working for a company a long time, but Microsoft is special (in a good way)!

What’s the most fun intern event you participated in this summer?

I would be cliché and mention the signature event [a huge event for all the Microsoft interns…this year it was a private concert from Macklemore and Deadmau5], but I think that’s fun for everyone! In my opinion, the best intern event was the Explorer Bowling Event. The best part about the event was that majority of my friends were not in attendance and it gave me the opportunity to meet more Explorers on the same journey that I was embarking upon. I also found out that I’m a decent bowler and that they have training wheels in bowling (bumpers).

Did you use OneNote before you started working at Microsoft? Will you use OneNote when you go back to school?

Before I started at Microsoft, I had minimal experience with OneNote, but this internship has converted me to OneNote’s spokesperson. I have found so many features in OneNote that benefit everyone from a CEO to a student. I will most definitely be using OneNote when schools starts in the fall, especially since I have a beautiful Surface Pro to use it on. I will also convince my fellow classmates to use it by only sending them notes from OneNote (genius, I know!!).

What’s your favorite OneNote tip?

My favorite OneNote tip would have to be printing PDFs to OneNote to better edit and annotate them, which is very useful for college students, since that is the format in which most of us receive assignments and readings.

What’s your favorite color?  

My favorite color is kind of obvious–blue–I wear it just about every day! Of course, after working on OneNote, my new favorite accent color just has to purple! There is just something about blue and purple!

What’s a typical day for you?

I’m usually up around 6:30am heading to the gym with my fitness group. I usually head into work between 9:30 – 10am. Bursting with energy from my workout, I start on my tasks for the day, but I am interrupted shortly after for a lunch event–you know interns, mainly me, are in high demand! My time after lunch is usually where I get the most work done, but at the same time, it takes lots of time management to get your tasks completed, expand your network, and have a little fun as well!

How would you describe OneNote to your friends?

I think OneNote has to best the best interpretation of a digital binder. The print to OneNote feature lets you add class content and the notebook pages allow you to create your own content. I think it’s a college student’s best friend, especially in a world of open-note and cumulative exams. OneNote creates an organized environment for the unorganized and it also makes teamwork a breeze! Now go download it, and if you have any questions ask me!

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