Wortell helps small businesses become more productive with Office 365

There is lots of excitement this week surrounding Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2013. Throughout the remainder of the conference, we’ll be posting stories from our partners who’ve successfully grown their business while helping more customers migrate to Office 365.  

Danny Burlage, CEO WortellToday’s post is written by Danny Burlage, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Wortell. Wortell is a systems integrator and Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner located in the Netherlands. It designs unified communications and collaboration solutions for midsize enterprises, with a focus on healthcare and government organizations.

At Wortell, we strive to help today’s small businesses become more productive by taking advantage of the latest and greatest technology opportunities that allow them to compete in today’s difficult economy. With Office 365, we found that the tools originally only available to large enterprises are now available to any business looking to thrive and grow, regardless of size.

For example, we recently helped Amsterdam Housing move to Office 365 to help them innovate and become more productive. Given the real estate field in the Netherlands is extremely competitive, they needed a solution that allowed them to become more mobile, and work from anywhere, at any time and respond to customers at a moment’s notice. Using the tools within Office 365, employees could communicate and collaborate more effectively and knew their information was secure and private. Most important, they had their essential documents at their fingertips – essential when trying to seal the deal quickly!

As founder and CTO of Wortell, I’m excited to not only help my customers innovate faster, but also witness what Office 365 did for my company since we began using it ourselves. Microsoft and Office 365 allowed our business to transform itself, moving from a traditional IT shop where we installed servers and work stations, to more of a consulting organization. This transition extended us into new territory, we reached more customers, all while remaining at the leading edge of technology by embracing the cloud.

Office 365 has been a game changer for our company and other partners like us. Not only has the cloud and Office 365 allowed businesses to rethink their IT strategy to become more innovative and forward thinking, but with a company like Microsoft providing the support we need, we have the confidence to forge ahead.