Simpler email aliases for Office 365 Small Business

Katie Kivett is a program manager in the Microsoft Office Division, focused on the Office 365 small business customer experience and administration.

Using email aliases is a simple way to have messages sent to different email addresses, but into the same inbox. Today we’re excited to announce we’ve listened to your feedback and made email aliases even easier to create, edit, and delete and streamlined all of these tasks in the Small Business admin portal.   

So, why would you want to use an email alias? As an example, you have an employee who is a jack-of-all-trades performing multiple roles, such as sales and support. This would be the perfect time to create two aliases: and With these two aliases, the employee can receive mail to both addresses right in his or her inbox, while maintaining a very professional-looking, public email address.

Sometimes, aliases can serve as the perfect “throwaway” email addresses when signing up with accounts that might send spam (e.g., promotional mailers, newsletters, etc.). You can use rules to manage unwanted messages from a “throwaway” alias or delete the alias altogether. In the end, you will know your primary email address is not compromised.

It’s pretty easy to create an alias for users in Office 365 for Small Businesses. Check out this video for a quick overview.

Read more about how to assign email aliases. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 


Q: Does creating an alias use up one of the user licenses that come with my Office 365 Small Business subscription?

A: No, creating an email alias does not require an additional license since the alias must be attached to an existing licensed user in order for the email to go to the user’s inbox.

Q: I have Office 365 Midsize Business or Office 365 Enterprise (or equivalent), how do I manage aliases?

A: You can manage email aliases in the Exchange admin center (EAC), see this help topic for additional information.

Q: How many aliases can I assign to a user?

A: We do not currently impose a limit; however, it would be difficult for a user to keep track of too many email aliases.

Q: How can I use aliases and have multiple users to be able to see the same inbox?

A: When you need multiple users to view and manage the same inbox, you should use a Shared Mailbox or a Site Mailbox.

Q: How do I change the send-from alias so that the send-from email address appears as

A: Aliases work for incoming mail only. If you need a send from address to appear for the message recipient you need to use a Shared Mailbox.

— Katie Kivett