How the new Office helps me manage my “mompreneur” life

Guest blogger Erica Diamond is the founder and editor-in-chief of the award-winning women’s lifestyle blog,, and the new global Get Off The Fence Movement.

Office logoAs a busy blogger, mom, entrepreneur, coach and TV correspondent, I need to be organized. Microsoft Office has been keeping me on top of my business and family for many years, and I simply could not function without it.

Here are some reasons why I love the new Office and why you should too!

The new Outlook is noticeably cleaner. It now offers a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts. It’s easy to enter baseball practices into the calendar and then invite my husband with a simple click. My emails, tasks and calendars are all in view at the same time, making navigation a breeze. And now the calendar view includes the local weather forecast along with current weather conditions so I’ll never get caught in a rain storm without the right attire!

I also love that the People Card collects all the key details about my contacts in one place. I can see my contacts’ social media info, which is crucial being a social media mom! If I want to notify my husband about parent teacher interviews, for example, I can schedule a meeting with him right within his contact information. So easy and quick!

As I mentioned, I’m always on the go. I often use the free Office Web Apps because they allow me to access and edit Office documents from virtually anywhere! Even if a colleague or friend doesn’t have Microsoft Office, they can still view and edit the documents through the Web Apps.

The Web Apps also come in handy because I’m on the board of my son’s school and we have about 10 documents that all members need to access at any given time. A solution for us is to save them all to SkyDrive. It was as simple as getting a FREE Microsoft Account, which allows all of us to have access to view and edit the same document in real time from our home, office, or on the go from a compatible mobile device. I also store my media kit in SkyDrive, so I have everything I need at my fingertips from virtually anywhere. I no longer have to run home and send it from my desktop!

As for Excel, I LIVE in it. From creating my invoices, to managing my family schedules and activities, to easily planning my family budget, Excel is a user-friendly and phenomenally powerful program.

What can I say about Microsoft Word? I wrote my first book in Word, my son does his homework in Word and I write my blog posts for in Word.

As you can see, I couldn’t run my life without Office. From going paperless and using OneNote to replace sticky notes and binders, to PowerPoint for creating brand presentations, this program is simple to use and extremely powerful.

I’d love to know how you use Office throughout your daily routine! Share your tips about how Office simplifies YOUR life!

–Erica Diamond

Erica DiamondKeep up with Erica on her award-winning women’s lifestyle blog,, and the new global Get Off The Fence Movement.