Gaining a single collaborative workspace with Office 365

Today’s post was written by Office 365 customer Kate Tikoian, Director

Office 365 Customer Levick

When challenges
arise, LEVICK can make the difference that leads to a positive outcome. LEVICK
is a leading strategic communications firm driving communications in the
highest-profile global matters for companies and countries. From our offices in
Washington, D.C., and New York City, we deploy uniquely qualified teams, armed with the
instincts, influence, and experience needed to win battles in an increasingly
complex and challenging world.

Our teams rely on quick and effective communications. Over
time, we found that we needed a single workspace where we could go for
information, files, and intra-office communication that would be easily
accessible both in and out of the office. With about 10 percent of our staff
using Macs and more staff working remotely, moving to the cloud became

When I thought about moving to a new solution, I did
consider Google, but I chose Microsoft Office 365 because I trust Microsoft
products. I have almost always chosen and will continue to choose Microsoft
because I can consistently count on a familiar feature set and interface. I
also chose Office 365 for its
nearly seamless interoperability with our existing technologies and

Our technical
partner, New Signature, helped us with design and integration for the move to
Office 365. We used Microsoft SharePoint Online for the centralized document
we needed. For the SharePoint sites, New Signature chose the
templates and features that would best meet our business needs. We are now creating
a document management system that allows for versioning control and precise
access control. We have been able to use team sites to provide easy access to
the most up-to-date versions of important documents. It’s exciting to be able
to have multiple users editing the same document simultaneously.

Already we are
seeing new staff mobility and productivity. We’ve been able to access documents
on any device-on iPhones and iPads, in addition to Mac desktops and laptops. More
than 10 percent of our staff work on Macs provided by the company. File sharing
had always been a challenge. Being able to access and collaborate on documents
from the same site with the same interface makes it easy for our employees, no
matter what device they use. It’s also easy for IT to train them without having
to prepare multiple trainings for multiple devices or platforms.

Today’s workforce
is more inclined to work for companies that allow them to work on their device
and platform of choice. Moving to Office 365 will help us both
gain and retain top talent by allowing us to be flexible in the platforms and
devices we offer to staff.

Moving to the cloud will save us thousands of dollars
in hardware and backups. By
fully transitioning to Office 365, we will save at least [US]$15,000 in
hardware costs, $5,800 in backup costs, and over $12,000 in licensing and
software costs. We now have the kind of model where we’re able to reliably predict
our costs. That’s where we like to be.

As a
communications firm, we thoroughly understand the value of effective
communication and streamlined collaboration. With Office 365, we look forward
to providing our staff and clients with innovative ways to connect and

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