Plan your wedding with OneNote

Olya Veselova is a Program Manager on the OneNote team.

A few years ago, I had my dream wedding in Hawaii. From planning the guest list to picking a wedding dress, I had a million things to do–but luckily I had OneNote around to simplify my life. OneNote helped me tremendously in organizing and planning my wedding, and it helped me to prepare so well that on the actual day I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Wedding on beach

A shared notebook to plan everything together

Sharing the OneNote wedding notebook on SkyDrive with my now-husband made it easy for us to get both of our ideas in a single place and keep track of all wedding activities. And with the OneNote Web App, I could also share (File > Share) my notebook with others who don’t have OneNote installed, so friends, parents, and wedding coordinator could all stay up to date.

Because I have OneNote on all my devices, I could easily look up and add more notes from anywhere–from my tablet, from my phone on the go, and from the desktop at home.

Keeping track of everything related to the wedding in one place

Here are some examples of the information we added to the notebook:

  • Coordinator and other vendor contact information
  • Flight and hotel itinerary for the wedding and honeymoon
  • Cost spreadsheets, scanned receipts, confirmations, and bills
  • Guest list
  • Maps of the location
  • Reception plans, menus, seating chart, drink recipes
  • Clippings from the web

Below are clippings of some of my actual pages.

Clippings from pages

Choosing a wedding dress (and invitations, and cake, and flowers, and favors, and… )

The OneNote Screen Clipping was my favorite and most used feature for wedding planning:

Send to OneNote tool

I clipped dozens of dresses, cakes, flowers, invitation cards, bridesmaids’ dresses, and so much more from websites. The clipping tool conveniently pasted a link back to the site where my clipping came from, so it was easy to go back later and order the items. Then I put the wedding dress pictures into a password-protected section so that my fiancé wouldn’t see it before the wedding day. Doing this was really easy: Just right-click on a section tab, and click Password Protect This Section.

cakes and dresses on pages

I tagged my favorite dresses with a star, and used the Find Tags pane (Home > Find Tags) to help me narrow down to my starred choices.

Find Tags tool

Annotating over pictures and clippings on a tablet with a stylus

We marked up maps, table and tent arrangements, invitation card proofs, photo album layouts and many other things to clarify instructions to the coordinator and other vendors. Handwriting on my images allowed us to clearly communicate what we wanted.

annotating over pages

Guest list and costs spreadsheets

We added an Excel spreadsheet into the notebook to keep track of who we wanted to invite, invitation status, RSVPs, and other information about the guests.

It was super helpful to see a preview of the spreadsheet in the page (Insert > Spreadsheet), which is supported in OneNote 2013. This means you can use the power of Excel to format, sort and filter the table, but still see the results directly in your notes, without having to open the attachment every time.

Excel printout

We did the same for costs and other planning spreadsheets.

Managing our wedding To-Do list

There are SO MANY things to do when planning a wedding! We wanted to make sure we could finish everything on time and also share an equal burden of the planning, so we made a separate section for everything we had to do, and then created a page for each of the main areas:

On each page we used tags to mark how urgent each task was and who would do it. Then we could use the Find Tags pane again to see the tags by urgency or by person across all pages.

Find tags example

With OneNote’s help, we got everything done on time–with a week to spare!

We had a wonderful wedding.

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–Olya Veselova

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