New study: People want social tools at work; weigh in at “The Worldwide Water Cooler”

We’re big believers that enterprise social is the new cornerstone of workplace collaboration. It addresses the changing nature of work, and the changing demographics of the workforce.

We’re not alone here. We just published new research detailing global information worker interest in enterprise social tools. We weren’t surprised to find that three quarters of workers want social tools to increase productivity and collaboration. We were surprised to learn that nearly a third of respondents would go so far as to bring social tools into their organizations through the back door -also known as “bring your own service.” Have a look at the results here.

We offer complete enterprise social solutions inside and outside your organization – and the expertise to help you get social right. With Office 365, SharePoint gives you collaboration with enhanced security, management, and access from almost anywhere. When your organization extends SharePoint with Yammer and Lync, your employees are able to easily share the right information, collaborate on it wherever people happen to be, while communicating in the way they prefer. Simply stated, social tools flatten your workplace and empower people to accomplish great things.

As we shared a few months ago, we’re working to deepen the Yammer integration with SharePoint and Office 365 over the next several months. This summer we’ll update the Office 365 service and allow customers to replace the SharePoint newsfeed with Yammer. In the fall, we’ll deliver another update to Office 365 and expand the integration. You will still have the option of choosing between Yammer and the SharePoint newsfeed, but this new, integrated Yammer experience will offer Single Sign-On (SSO) and seamless navigation. For more information about whether Yammer or the SharePoint newsfeed are right for your organization, check out our blog post.

So how do you get started, or curious about how to use enterprise social in your organization? We posted some tips that provide some of the best scenarios for enterprise social, as well as five ways to get it right here. However, it’s always helpful to see what others are doing. Check out a few of our recent customers – ABB and Telefonica. We’ll also have more customer stories post throughout this week on this site.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact, today we’re also launching The Worldwide Water Cooler, a hub for people everywhere to discuss workplace collaboration and social tools via Twitter. Please stop by and have your say.