Travel with OneNote: Staying organized on the road

This post is written by Brad Corob, a Program Manager on the OneNote team.

Traveling is my hobby.  I love to see the sights, sample the food, and explore new places.  And when I say I like to travel, I mean it–almost every weekend, I’m flying somewhere new to visit friends or just experience what life is like away from home. The downside: travel by its nature involves a lot of work and planning.  Here’s how I use OneNote to prepare for upcoming trips as well as keep me on track while I’m on the go.

Start with a travel notebook

First off, I created a Travel Research notebook. Because travel information is location-specific, I organize my travel notebook into sections named after the major airport I might fly to:

Inside a section, I add pages for the various topics I’m gathering information about, such as accommodations, activities or sights, and the local currency. Often, I’ll discover information online about a site I want to visit, or a friend will recommend a restaurant or interesting attraction. I’ll quickly create a page with this content so I have it for quick reference later.

Add photos and notes easily

Although I like to keep my sections and pages formally structured, I love OneNote’s free-form page structure that allows me to save pictures and type anywhere. I’ll frequently paste in a picture I find online and include notes or reminders for later. Last year, I found this picture of an interesting waterfall in Iceland, and then added some information I found online about the unique stone structure.  Hopefully, I’ll get to see this one in person someday!


Use the To-Do tag for critical reminders

When preparing for a specific trip, there’s a lot to remember. After nearly forgetting my passport on one trip, now I always put together a checklist of things to do or pack before I go. I use the To-Do tag to quickly see which items are still outstanding and make sure I’ve covered all the essentials before I go.


Use OneNote on the go

I use OneNote more than just at home.  My travel notebook is stored on SkyDrive, making it easy to access on the road as well.  With the OneNote app on my phone, I know I’ll have all of my travel confirmations, directions, and other information at my fingertips.  Here’s a page I put together before a trip to Vancouver, Canada to help me get downtown:

Try OneNote today

OneNote is one of my favorite apps because it helps me keep track of lots of information in a simple, easy manner.  If you like to travel and want to stay organized, try OneNote with SkyDrive today.

Brad Corob