Sensia Hälsovård AB chooses Office 365 over Google Apps, cuts travel costs by 30 percent

Healthcare provider Sensia Hälsovård AB needed a single communication and collaboration platform to accommodate its rapid growth. About 30 percent of its employees had been using Google Gmail, but found it cumbersome and unintuitive. The company eventually chose Microsoft Office 365. We recently spoke to Anders Franzén, IT Strategist, at Sensia Hälsovård AB to learn why:

Q: Please tell us about Sensia Hälsovård AB.

Anders Franzén: Sensia is a private healthcare provider with 35 locations across Sweden. We offer services in wellness, occupational health, primary and specialized care.

Q: What issues were you facing that led you to adopt Office 365?

Franzén: We made a series of acquisitions over a two-year period, and were experiencing tremendous growth. As a result, we had seven different IT systems, which made communication a big problem because it was impossible to maintain a distribution list for all of our employees. To communicate with our employees, we had to send an email to each manager, who would then forward it to his or her employees. We wanted to establish a single communication and collaboration platform so that we could communicate with all 600 employees at the same time.

Q: Why did you choose Office 365 over Google Apps?

Franzén: Before we moved to the cloud, about 30 percent of our employees were using Gmail, but the feedback we got is that they didn’t like it. Gmail wasn’t intuitive to use, and when employees got stuck, it was difficult for them to obtain support. Google isn’t a support company-that’s just not their focus.

In comparison, Office 365 feels like a more professional service. Many of our employees were already familiar with Office, and found it easier to use than Gmail. In addition, the built-in scalability of Office 365 was an important feature as we continue to grow. We can easily add 50, 100, or 600 new email accounts from one day to the next and easily federate these accounts using Active Directory. Few other solutions can handle that growth so seamlessly.

Q: What benefits are you experiencing by using Office 365?

Franzén: Although we migrated seven different email systems, the process was quick and easy-it took less than a month and with Office 365, the support has been excellent. I’ve contacted Microsoft a couple of times, and I’ve gotten quick responses from very good support personnel. I’m very happy with it.

Our communication has improved tremendously. Employees can send email to anyone, we can chat using Lync Online, and we can see when users are online and when they’re in a meeting. It really feels like we are one company now.

Rather than traveling around the country, we now hold videoconferences using Lync Online both internally and externally. Our goal is to cut our traveling costs in half, and we’re already at  30 percent. Over time, we expect our doctors to use Lync Online even more to share information and obtain second opinions. Already, Office 365 is increasing staff productivity, which means less time sitting at the computer and more time serving patients.

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