Upgrading to the new SharePoint Online

As we announced on February 27, the new Office 365 service is out of “Preview” and available to try and buy today. We received tons of actionable feedback resulting in new features customers want, improved performance, simple user experiences, more admin controls and the stability they expect. SharePoint Online (SPO) customers will soon be able to self-upgrade to the new SharePoint Online experience – a new user interface, global Office 365 navigation and a whole set of new features and supported scenarios. You can go here to read all about What’s new in SharePoint Online-top 10.

This article focuses on the coming upgrade experience for existing SharePoint Online customers. New customers will receive these features without any effort on their part.

What to expect during upgrade

  • Office 365 customers will be notified approximately four weeks prior to their upgrade and will have the opportunity to postpone for a minimum of two months.
  • Review What’s new in SharePoint Online-top 10 to start planning how your company will take advantage of the new SharePoint Online capabilities soon to be at your fingertips.
  • Evaluate whether content and sites are old or unused, and if so, consider removing content or even whole site collections that are no longer necessary.

You can learn about all the Office 365 service upgrade options at the broader Office 365 Service Upgrade Center, including what you need to know about Exchange Online, Lync Online and Office client.

Test, upgrade, enjoy

The new SharePoint Online experience awaits you. Please take time to review the available documentation and the suggested steps to ensure a seamless transition for your company. Make sure you build in the right amount of time to test the new capabilities and look and feel before committing to it.

You are more in control than ever during your upgrade experience. With a little effort, existing customers will be able to quickly determine the method that provides the right level of testing, allowing you to quickly move to the latest Office 365 has to offer. Let us know via the Office 365 Community forums how you are doing and what we can do to help.

Visit Office 365 Community to read the complete blog post – including best practices for upgrade and some known issues.

The SharePoint Team