OneNote just made your touch more powerful!

Many of our users expressed the need to be able to draw on the touch devices that do not ship with a pen. With this update to OneNote for Windows Store, now you can draw with your finger!

Simply tap the screen, open the radial menu and select “Draw”.

From here you can get creative; choose pen colors, customize your thickness, and store these combinations as a ‘favorite’ pen.  Once you are done drawing, open the radial menu and select “Exit Draw”.

Note: If your device does not have a touch screen, you can still use the feature with a mouse by following the same instructions above.

Inking with a pen still remains the preferred experience.  You can flip between pen and touch without much hassle and pan the page more easily.  If you are interested in doing a lot of inking or sketching we recommend that you get a device with a pen like a Surface Pro. 

To download this update, simply tap on the Store tile in Windows 8, and then tap or click Updates at the top right. If you haven’t installed the OneNote app from the Windows Store, you can download it here.

Keep the feedback coming–we are listening!