Running a small business without an IT team

Small businesses have enough to focus on without having to spend time and energy worrying about email, data storage or backup servers. In fact, most small businesses don’t know or understand what a server is.

The good news is that in today’s technology environment, they don’t need to. This is because more small businesses are rapidly moving from outdated technology solutions to Web-based solutions to power their company, also known as “moving to the cloud.” By moving to cloud solutions like Office 365, small businesses find they can concentrate their resources on growing their business rather than trying to solve technical issues.

Large enterprises typically have entire divisions dedicated to supporting and keeping their IT infrastructure up and running. Even though small businesses don’t have this luxury, they can still punch above their weight by choosing the enterprise-grade IT services in Office 365 to help solve their most top-of-mind business challenges.

Below are some things small businesses should look for when choosing cloud services to avoid getting bogged down in IT issues:

Simple Setup

Small businesses should find email, productivity and collaboration services that can be set up without needing an IT department. Also, the service should let them easily add new employees or remove access if an employee quits or is fired. Office 365 offers simple setup to get started quickly, and it allows small businesses to customize the service with ease.

Simple to Use

Owners should pick a tool that is easy and intuitive for non-technical users. Picking a solution that employees are already familiar with can minimize training needs and make it faster for employees to start using the services. Some services even make it easy to set and change which employees can access documents, who can edit them and which can have even more access.


Businesses of all sizes need to protect data from malicious threats, and small businesses should make sure their cloud services are highly secured and use virus detection software.


Business strategies and tactics are the secret ingredients to success; owners should be careful to pick an email service that values end-user privacy Also, they should consider services that let the business remove data on-demand. Office 365 offers a robust set of certifications and standards options that can help your business comply with standards such as HIPAA and FISMA.


The key to making cloud services work for any business is being able to count on them to be stable and reliable. Owners should look for services that provide redundant, reliable and financially backed guarantees that the service will work 99.9 percent of the time. Additionally, it’s smart to search for a service that will let staff work from the office, home or the road on whichever device is easiest at the time – whether that be a tablet, mobile phone or home desktop.

Cloud services are bringing small businesses the technology benefits and features that were once only affordable for large businesses. Using cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium that are simple to use, set-up, secure, private and reliable is one way small businesses can better compete and have more time to focus on their core business.

Office 365 - Running a small business without an IT team

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