Another chance to watch Garage Series Live!

Five shows into the series, we’ve looked at what your options are, what’s changed and what’s new with the new Office. We threw skydiver Fully Sik out of a plane to test if Office 365 ProPlus could be installed during 90 seconds of free fall; we took a look at the new Office telemetry to help you optimize your Office configuration; and we’ve explored identity and data access with the new user-based Office and caught up with Zero Day and Trojan Horse Sci-Fi author and industry renowned cyber-security expert, Mark Russinovich on the security model for online services. We even performed the great race of Office installs.

We’ve received a lot of your questions along the way so, for our sixth show, we changed gears to present a live 60-minute episode of the Garage Series Live! on real world adoption tips and tricks with live Q&A. If you missed the show you can see it again here.

So what was special about the show?

For one, our guests. We were joined by friends from our early Office adopters program: Marvin Correa from Sephora, Patrick Wirtz from Walsh Group and Sebastian Stein from HhpBerlin. Journalist, author and blogger Paul Thurrott from winsupersite and our Lead Test and Deployment engineers, John Hoegger and Jefferson Criddle also joined in the conversation. This was one of the first times that we’ve had early adopters of Office 365 latest technologies, as we have only really been in market with them for a little over a month. Paul, Patrick, Marvin and Sebastian were awesome to work with and brought a wealth of adoption experience to the show. They were all looking to deal with the trends of users bringing in their own devices, multiple devices per user, high demand for touch capabilities with the introduction of tablets, evolving mobility requirements, providing Office services to seasonal workers and improving communication services across Windows and non-Windows devices.

Paul the skydiver

Paul challenged himself and our hosts to have him appear as a skydiver or in a clown suit in an earlier post. This was to pay homage to our first ever XStream install, where we install Office within 90 seconds of free fall. You can see the result, which provided one of the more comic moments of the show and our favorite tweet:

“World, I can die now. For I have seen everything. @thurrott+jumpsuit@office garage” -Travis Lowdermilk

Paul also arranged for a special recording of Windows Weekly where he quizzes Leo Laporte to see if he can provide the right answers to the most commonly misunderstood questions about the new Office as a service with Office 365 ProPlus. We didn’t quite capture the true outcome as we introduced Paul on the show, so watch to see how Leo really scores out of 5.

Who won the trivia?

If you caught the show or watch it now, you’ll see that we ended with a lightning trivia round to challenge the knowledge of our guests in an East versus West coast trivia fight. Part of the fun of live broadcasting was that because we were running overtime we didn’t manage to declare the winner of the competition – the East couch. Congratulations Paul, John and Patrick!

High-G aerobatics

We have a bigger special in store, where we subject co-host Yoni Kirsh to high-G aerobatics in Australia to see whether Office can install before he loses his lunch. Join us next episode to see what happens.

Be sure to mark your calendar for new episodes and learn more at where you can discover additional resources and check out the complete archive of all previous Garage Series shows.