Update to the OneNote Windows Store app now available

Today, we’re releasing an update to the OneNote app in the Windows Store. It introduces a couple of brand new features and offers a few fixes.

To download this update, simply tap on the Store tile in Windows 8, and then tap or click Updates at the top right. If you haven’t installed the OneNote app from the Windows Store, you can download it here. Here’s what’s waiting for you:

Pen and ink improvements

We’ve spent the last few months talking with our customers, reading reviews and gathering feedback. Many of you wanted better pen customization while drawing and handwriting, as well as the ability to quickly flip between customized pens. We’re happy to share that you can now do both in the updated app.

To help you get started, we’ve picked four default pens. As you bring your stylus closer to the screen, the radial menu indicator will pop up. Tap it to open the radial menu to see the available pens. You can customize them by navigating to the second level of radial menu and then selecting the color and thickness that suits your needs.

Once you have customized your pen, the OneNote app will remember it in a pen slot you choose. This way, you can easily flip back to your favorite pen when you need it.

Note that this feature is available only on devices that include a stylus, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Support for Office 365 notebooks

The OneNote app already makes it easy to access your notebooks on SkyDrive. With today’s update, we’re making it just as easy to access your notebooks on Office 365. This makes the OneNote app a great way to keep track of your personal and work notes in one convenient place.

When you sign in to the OneNote app with your Office 365 ID, the OneNote app will show you a list of your most recent notebooks. You can open any of them with a tap or click.

To get started, just sign in with your Office 365 account. The easiest way to sign in is to copy a link to an existing Office 365 notebook and then paste it into one of your open SkyDrive notebooks. When you open the link in the OneNote app, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Office 365.

Once you’re signed in, the OneNote app will use your credentials to make it easy to access your other notebooks.

If you tap or click More Notebooks you’ll see list of recent notebooks for each login you’ve used. To open any of these, tap or click. You’ll see the notebook move to the top of the list of open notebooks.

Keep the feedback coming!

We hope you’ll enjoy the improvements in this update to the OneNote app. We’ve received lots of great feedback from you about what you like about the app andwhat you still think needs some work, and we even found and fixed a few bugs along the way.

Our sincere thanks to all of you for helping us make the app better and better. Please keep sending your feedback and let us know how you’re using the app.

Download the new version today, and don’t forget to tell your friends all about OneNote!