“Transformational ROI” with SharePoint and Line-of-Business Systems

When we first introduced Business-Critical SharePoint, or “BCSP”, about 18 months ago, we didn’t quite expect the level of interest it would generate from customers world-wide. Now, as more and more evidence is being documented about SharePoint deployments that include connectivity to line-of-business (LOB) systems –whether on-premises or in the Cloud– it is becoming clear that leading companies and organizations are able to utilize this approach to extract much needed value from their IT investments while improving cross-team collaboration and reducing business risk.

Leverage SharePoint as an enterprise-wide collaboration platform for surfacing line-of-business data allows companies to provide visibility across their organizations into the business data that underlies their core business processes.

In the words of Chris Russell, Street Crane Director of Development: “Our BCSP solution certainly provided ROI in the first year, but the impact to our business has been transformational.”

Whether revolutionizing supply-chain processes, enabling people to work more effectively across organizational silos, or improving patient care, companies are able to define, measure and share the ROI realized when utilizing SharePoint in LOB scenarios.

To learn more about the transformational benefits that could be gained by implementing the BCSP approach: