Enhancing customer relations and the sales process with Office 365

Today’s post was written by Ferry Lasterie, Chief Operating Officer, Amsterdam Housing.

Office 365 Customer Amsterdam HousingFor the last couple of years, Amsterdam Housing has faced a competitive real estate market in the Netherlands. In our goal to provide “one-stop real estate services,” we struggled with inadequate IT tools. Our team needs to work together to build customer relationships with professionals and their families, long before they arrive here. And once they arrive, effective teamwork and responsive customer service boosts our reputation. Yet, we had one shared email address and kept all our customer and business data locked in our PCs. It was difficult to share information and coordinate our activities to provide excellent service.

After deploying Microsoft Office 365, all that changed. We gained the latest email services and can share calendars and coordinate work among all eight staffers. Now, no customer is left behind. We all have mobile access to business data and rental agreements safely stored in the cloud, and we can work from home to initiate and build customer contacts across many time zones. We use web conferencing to show our customers properties prior to their arrival and we’re able to answer questions that they may have. It really provides a more personal touch to their overall experience. In addition, customers are able to sign up and complete rental agreements online, once they make a decision. By reducing the closing timeline for the executives and their families, we alleviate the stress of a major relocation. With Office 365, we have a competitive advantage and are equipped with all the communication and collaboration tools we need to quickly serve our relocation customers!



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