Buckle up and watch the new Office Garage Series

What do skydiving, aerobatics, Ferraris or wakeboarding have to do with the new Office? What are the most XStream installs of the new Office that you can imagine on air, land and water? Check out the show trailer for the new Garage Series to find out.

Tune in each Wednesday to watch the latest Garage Series at www.microsoft.com/garage. With its fun, dynamic and straightforward delivery, along with multiple stunts and unique demos, the show already has an avid following since it launched on February 27, including Paul Thurrott from the winsupersite.com site.

Each week, intrepid hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh go under the hood and get to the heart of how to manage, configure and deploy the new Office. So whether you are an IT Professional, a technology enthusiast, or work for an enterprise or small business, there’s something in it for you.

It’s not too late to catch up either. Take a look at Episode 1 which covers the differences in the two main Office commercial versions, the new IT Pro capabilities and the premise of the new Office, including a demo of user-based multi-device support.

The current Episode 2 has the first Xstream install of the series as stunt skydiver, Fully Sik, attempts to install Office in 90 seconds of free fall, without internet connectivity, using the new Click-to-Run install technology.

This Wednesday, Episode 3 will showcase the new and expanded controls available to IT as our hosts explore Group Policy, roaming settings and connect with Office engineers such as Chris Yu on the genesis around new capabilities such as new Office Telemetry which offers a centralized dashboard to keep Office performing at peak levels.

Be sure to mark your calendars too: Tune in to Garage Series Live! on April 3rd, 9am Pacific Time, for lessons learned on real world deployment with Paul Thurrott from the Supersite for Windows along with early adopters and Office engineers to discuss real world deployments of the new Office, including live Q&A.

Learn more about the series at www.microsoft.com/garage