What are reviewers calling feature-rich, stunning, and game-changing? Office 365!

It’s been said that “a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” We’re honored to see all of our sweat, determination, and hard work pay off with the great reviews that the new Office has garnered since Microsoft released Office 365 Home Premium to customers last month. 

Already, Office 365 is racking up the awards. PC Magazine gave Office 365 Home Premium its Editors’ Choice award, saying “most of the changes are extremely positive.” Likewise, ITProPortal gave Office 365 Home Premium its “Best Buy Award,” saying it “trounces the competition from Google Docs.”

Office 365: The best Office yet

Awards such as these echo the sentiment of Forrester Research. “Things like improved usability and a simplified user experience feel like a welcome return to Microsoft’s roots as the great democratizer of technology it one was,” the global research and advisory firm wrote in its recent report, Office 2013: A Breakthrough in Productivity.

They also reflect the responses of numerous other reviewers, who say they like what they see in the new Office. Katherine Boehret of the Wall Street Journal said “Microsoft has a winning program on its hands.” Jason Parker of C/Net described Office 2013 as a “polished, integrated, cloud-friendly, and streamlined experience.” And Serdar Yegulalp of InfoWorld called Office 2013 “the best Office yet.”

Still other reviewers have used adjectives such as “feature-rich,” “stunning,” and “game-changing” to describe Office 365. Wrote Tom Warren of The Verge: “A new on-demand version of Office 2013 is available in Office 365 and it’s nothing short of stunning.” Beth Blecherman of TechMamas agreed: “The new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium is out and quite simply, it is a game changer.“And Dana Wollman of Engadget called Office 2013 “a top-notch product: fast, intuitive and feature-rich.”

Touching the lives of more than 1 billion customers

As our customers’ needs to create, communicate, and share information have evolved, we have too by making the familiar experience of Office available to everyone as a cloud subscription service.

The response has been truly gratifying.  Already, Office has touched the lives of over 1 billion people. And today, Office 365 is on track to become one of our fastest growing businesses in Microsoft history.

Having launched Office as a subscription service for consumers, we now look forward to making the new Office available to business customers worldwide. Join us at our virtual launch event on February 27 as we celebrate the availability of a major new release coming to Office 365 for businesses. If you are exploring cloud offerings, you do not want to miss this event.  You’ll hear from Kurt DelBene, President of the Microsoft Office Division, about Microsoft’s vision for productivity and the cloud. We’ll demo new features in enterprise social and show how we’ve transformed the full Office experience you know into an always up-to-date service. Finally, you’ll hear from the City of Chicago, Toyota, and Meals on Wheels about their move to the cloud with Office 365.  Register now!

Thank you for your business and for making the new Office such a success!