500,000 Moroccan students and trainees move to Office 365

Morocco’s Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT), a public training institution offering vocational education across 35 fields of study, recently chose Office 365 and will add 500,000 students and trainees to the service helping enhance educational and vocational training solutions through the power of the cloud.

The OFPPT chose Office 365 in large part because of Microsoft’s commitment to education and their ability to seamless connect with the entire Microsoft product portfolio. With Office 365, the OFPPT will create efficiencies that save both time and money, while providing its staff and students across 327 training institutes the tools they trust to increase personal development and stay competitive in the workplace.

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to education, the company will also partner with the OFPPT to create 100 new Microsoft IT Academies.  Each academy will seek to transform education and enable the OFPPT to continue its mission of offering specific training that aligns with the needs of young Moroccans and the regional economy.

We’re thrilled to be able to support this important effort while empowering student success with world class communication and collaboration solutions.  Welcome to the cloud!

You can learn more by visiting the Office 365 website.

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