Free 2013 calendar templates

calendar templateHappy New Year! Our free calendar templates are now available. Whether you like to plan out your days, keep track of special occasions, or see a year’s worth of holidays at a glance (spoiler: July 4th is a Thursday), we’ve got you covered.

Customize your home calendar by swapping in your favorite photos or pick a business calendar for the office. We also had fun creating calendars for students and teachers counting down the academic year and expectant parents looking forward to their due dates. An Excel wizard even built a “semester at a glance” academic calendar with tools to help college students organize their courses and track when assignments are due.

Get started with links to popular templates below. Let us know in the comments how you plan to use these calendars or if there are any others you’d like to see in the templates library.

Brighten up your days by adding photos
Photo calendars let you add one or more photos to the calendar. With our templates, a beautiful photo calendar doesn’t need to be a daunting weekend project. See how one of our colleagues made a fantastic photo calendar for her rowing club in just a few hours.

Keep your office in order with business calendars
Business calendars are specifically formatted for the office. You can customize these calendars by adding your own company logo and web address and choose templates that help you track daily progress.

Make the grade with academic calendars
Academic calendars are designed with busy students and educators in mind.

  • Student calendar: This 12-month, student-focused template has separate tabs for each month with space on each tab for tracking weekly school assignments and class schedules.
  • School year calendar: This 2012-2013 academic calendar has a cute illustration of an old fashioned schoolhouse. Use the template online or print it for display.

Use a familiar Office application
Want a template designed specifically for your favorite Office application? Templates are downloadable in multiple document formats.

Now start scheduling time for those New Year’s resolutions!