PowerPoint 2013: Pick up where you left off in your presentation with Resume Reading

Have you ever reopened a presentation and tried to find that slide you were working on when you last closed it? Well, you are going to love the new Resume Reading feature in PowerPoint. If you’ve been using PowerPoint 2013, you may have noticed a new callout appears on the right edge when you open a presentation:


This helpful little callout lets you know the last slide you had open in the presentation, when you were there last, and clicking on it will take you right back to that slide:


The coolest thing about this new feature: these bookmarks will follow you wherever you go as long as you are logged into Office. For example, if you open a file from SkyDrive on your laptop at school and later open the same file on your desktop at home, you’ll be able to jump back to where you last were on your laptop. It couldn’t be easier!

Happy 2013!

-Daniel Altin
Program Manager, PowerPoint