Visio when and where you need it

you’ve downloaded the new Visio Preview,
then you probably noticed that your installation experience is quite a bit
different than in any previous version of Visio. These changes aren’t just
cosmetic, they’re part of our strategy to align with the overall Office vision
to bring the rich applications that you know and love into the future as an
integrated part of our Software
+ Services offering
. In this post we’ll explain what our goals were, what we
did, and what it means for you in your everyday interactions in the new Visio.

Visio when and where you need it


Click-to-Run v2.0

User expectations for software delivery have changed
significantly over the past five years. Getting a new app on your phone is a
fast and painless experience, as is accessing rich
web applications
from your internet browser. Our goal with integrating
Click-to-Run in the new Visio is to make installing and using the new Visio as
fast, easy and secure as possible.

What exactly is Click-to-Run? Click-to-Run was a technology
first introduced in Office 2010 to improve downloading Office from the
internet. Traditional Windows Installer packages remained the primary
distribution method, but Click-to-Run v1.0 was available for a limited number
of consumer SKUs in some markets. Ultimately, the technology proved successful
but also had room for improvement.

Click-to-Run v2.0 takes what we’ve learned and improves upon
it. To do so, there were four goals:

  1. Be fast
  2. Be integrated: Office applications are a productivity platform. Part of
    their value is that they are rich, integrated, and extensible.
  3. Be up to date and modern: Gone are the days where you install software and forget
    about it for the life of your PC. Beyond just ensuring your software is
    secure, we need the ability to evolve the client to support new value
    coming online with Office services.
  4. Be
    There are times when the rich client applications are the only tool for
    the job, but doing a full installation isn’t always an option. We wanted to
    give users the mobility of a web application and the richness of installed
    Office applications.

Visio click-to-run 2.0

The new Visio has now integrated
with Click-to-Run v2.0. Details on the provisioning experience can be found here, but once provisioned, one of the most immediate benefits of
Click-to-Run v2.0 is that you can actually begin using the new Visio while it
is still downloading. We prioritize the download of Visio functionality in the
order we think you’ll need it.

you try to access something in Visio that’s not downloaded yet, you’ll get the
following dialog. Depending on the speed of your network connection, you may
never see this dialog, or you may see it multiple times if you’re on a slow
connection and accessing a wide variety of the new Visio while it is still

Visio click-to-run 2.0

Early data says that
Click-to-Run v2.0 installs actually succeed at a higher rate than Windows
Installer packages, and we’re doing everything we can to make it the best
installation experience ever. However, it’s important for us to note that
traditional MSI installs of the new Visio will still exist for those who need

While the streaming
install is the most apparent of Click-to-Run v2.0’s features, it is not the
only value it provides. It also provides things like additional side by side
support, repair and uninstall functionality, sustainability, and administrator
functionality to help automate deployments in organizations of all sizes. For
more information, check out this Office
Next blog post
and TechNet


Visio on Demand

What if you could use the new Visio without doing an install
at all? What if you could just use the new Visio on whatever Windows computer
you happen to be on, wherever you happen to be? This is now possible with a
unique feature called Visio on Demand, available to Visio Pro for Office 365

To access Visio on Demand, just click the “My Office” tab of
the Office 2013 Customer Preview
site and click the Visio icon under the “Office on Demand” section to launch
the application. When you close Visio, it simply goes away-it will not stay
installed on the computer. This will enable you to use Visio in a variety of
places and scenarios, such as a kiosk or an in-room hotel PC, where it wasn’t
possible before.

A few important notes you should know about Visio on Demand:

  • Visio on
    Demand is a feature for subscribers of Visio Pro for Office 365.
  • Only the
    parts of the application you need are actually downloaded as you need them
    (not the whole thing). They run locally and it’s very fast, only seconds
    depending on connection speed.
  • It’s
    always the latest version of the application.
  • Visio does
    leave behind cache files for performance reasons, but the applications
    cannot be launched from shortcuts on the local computer. To use the
    applications again, always start from the website.
  • Since Visio on Demand is a feature of
    Visio Pro for Office 365, you need to have a valid subscription and be logged
    in to your Office 365 account to use it.

For more information on Visio on Demand, check out this
Office Next blog post Click-to-Run
and Office on Demand



Another important aspect of Visio when and where you need
it, is that it’s your Visio, when
and where you need it. To do this, we have introduced the notion of identity to
the new Visio.

One of the first ways you’ll notice identity
integration is via the ability you now have to sign-in to Visio. When you
install the new Visio, you’ll see what we call the “First Run Experience” where
you’re welcomed with a video and offered a chance to sign-in. You can also
from the top right of the new Visio. 

Visio sign-in identity

Additionally, since we know folks don’t like to sign-in a
lot or maintain multiple accounts, if you’re already signed into another Office
application or signed into your Windows 8 computer with a Microsoft account,
Visio will recognize that and sign you in automatically. And if you work at an
organization that uses domain accounts, you’ll also automatically be signed
into the new Visio on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

For more on the different types of accounts you can sign-in
with, how to use multiple accounts, and where you can get an account if you
don’t already have one, watch for a future blog post from the Office Next blog on Sign-In
and Identity.



Once you’re signed in, you’ll start to benefit from the
power of identity, such as “roaming”–your documents, settings and services
going with you whether you’re on your home or work PC, or someone else’s, like
a school, library or a friend’s.

One of the first and most useful places you’ll
notice your settings roamed is in the Start place when you first launch the new
Visio. You’ll see your most recent Visio diagrams in the left column and your
most recently used templates on the right. Have a favorite template pinned? No
longer do you have to reconfigure Visio every time you install it on a new
computer-just sign-in and get to work. 

Visio start experience

In addition to recently used
documents and templates, the following will also roam with you:

  • Visio specific: “Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse” and “Run in
    developer mode” are two specific settings we’ve heard many users often
    customize Visio by setting manually. Now that they’re roamed, set it once and
    forget it-they’ll follow you wherever you’re using the new Visio.
  • Places: The SkyDrive associated with your Microsoft account is
    already there to save to or open documents from, but if you have multiple
    SkyDrive (or SkyDrive Pro) accounts, you can easily add them by clicking “Add a
  • Personalization: If you selected a theme for Office when you first
    installed it, this also goes with you. It’s a visual cue that you’ve signed in
    as yourself and another way to make Visio feel like it’s yours.
  • Custom dictionary: Tired
    of having your last name always show up as misspelled when you first use a
    program? Now you only have to add a word to your dictionary once, instead of
    every time you install Visio or switch computers!



Ultimately, with the power of Click-to-Run,
Visio on Demand, Identity and Roaming, your
new Visio will let you get to work quicker and in more places than ever before.
Now you can worry less about installations and configuring settings, and more
about creating awesome diagrams.