​The SharePoint Conference Experience: Chock-Full of Win

In case you haven’t noticed, MySPC has been causing quite a stir. The scheduling and networking application was released early Wednesday morning, and SharePoint Conference attendees have been browsing sessions and building their schedules, seemingly without stopping to breathe.
In addition to being able to build a customized conference schedule, MySPC offers attendees a chance to link their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to their public profiles. Exercising this option allows users to see which social connections from the Community will be attending SharePoint Conference and puts them into a Favorites category for easy perusal. The handy Meetings function then makes scheduling 1:1 appointments a snap.
What does it all mean? It means SharePoint Conference offers a new level of networking not seen at previous events. Attendees can see who they need to meet and make sure business gets done.
One item on everyone’s schedule is the Opening Keynote slated for 8:30AM on Monday, the first full conference day. This is where Jared Spataro, Jeff Teper, Scott Guthrie, and David Sacks will speak on a variety of topics, including their vision for SharePoint 2013 and what the future holds for Enterprise Social Networking. It’s a can’t-miss event, and it’s the only time during SharePoint Conference when every attendee will be together to help push SharePoint into a new era.
SharePoint Conference 2012 is November 12-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spots are still available for the conference and for Pre and Post Conference Trainings, and attendees will have an opportunity to see Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia perform live on Tuesday night. If you have any questions about attending or exhibiting at SharePoint Conference, you can email spc@microsoft.com. Be sure to follow @SPConf on Twitter and like the SharePoint Conference Facebook page to stay up to date on news and events as they happen.