Knowledge is power: Evaluating the benefits of cloud adoption

Today Adrienne Hall, general manager, Trustworthy Computing shared in an RSA Europe keynote that Microsoft has released a new free Cloud Security Readiness tool.

Microsoft developed the tool, in part, to help organizations address two critically important business questions:

Where are we – in terms of our current IT state?
Where will we be – if we adopt a particular cloud service?

The new free Cloud Readiness tool ( helps organizations better understand their systems, processes, policies and practices. The tool offers a short, easy to use survey that seeks information about the maturity level of an organization’s current IT infrastructure and industry. The tool uses this information to provide relevant guidance in a custom report so organizations can better understand their IT status and more easily evaluate cloud services against critical areas.  It also helps to identify an organization’s compliance with common industry standards like the Health Insurance, Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA / HITECH Act], International Organizations for Standardization [ISO/IEC] 27001-2005 and many more.

The great news for organizations looking at moving to the cloud is that Microsoft built Office 365 from the ground up with security, privacy and reliability in mind.  Today, Office 365 offers the most robust set of certifications and standards options of any major cloud based productivity service for all customers.

To learn more about security, privacy and reliability in Office 365, I invite you to visit the Office 365 Trust Center and the Trustworthy Computing blog for more perspective on these topics.