The New Project – Now with More Time

To quote John Randolph, “Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions”. Good news, in the new version of Project we gave you more time, 100 more years to be exact. For those of you doing really long-term planning, you may have noticed that the max date in Project was December 31, 2049. With the new Project we have moved this max date to December 31, 2149.

Project Client:


Project Web App:


Now you can go crazy planning out your future:


If you are using dates beyond 12/31/2049 you’ll need to know a few things when sharing files:

Project 2007 and earlier – In order to save your file to these formats, you’ll need to remove any dates that are past 12/31/2049. By any dates, I mean any, Start dates, Finish dates, custom fields, etc.

Project 2010 – Since Project 2010 and Project 2013 share the same file format, you won’t see any error message on save in Project 2013 but users won’t be able to open the file in Project 2010. You’ll need to remove the dates that are after 12/31/2049 before they can open the file.