Say goodbye to WordArt

In the past, WordArt was the go-to solution for adding excitement to your title, watermark, or other text in your publication.  Once inserted, however, you were stuck with an object that didn’t act quite like a text box nor had same formatting options are regular text. The new Publisher remedies this with the introduction of text effects!

Apply to Any Text

Text effects can be applied to any text within your publication.  This mean no more special WordArt objects floating about.  Instead, all text instead textboxes and tables can be easily selected and formatted – even short ranges of text (something that was impossible with WordArt). Use it to emphasize the important parts of your content.

Custom Appearance

Old WordArt only had a few options for tailoring the appearance to match your publication.  Each effect can be applied or removed independently, so you are not locked into using the styles we include with the product — although the new Publisher does come with a fresh new set of text styles for you to choose from!  Look for them on the Text Box Tools tab in the WordArt Styles group.

Where to find them

You can find the first four effects (Shadow, Reflection, Glow and Bevel) on the Text Box Tools tab when you have some text selected. Each effect comes with a gallery full of pre-made options for you to try out, and you can preview the impact the effect will have on your publication by hovering your mouse over an item in the gallery.

Text outline is also located on the Text Box Tools tab, but under Text Outline just above the collection of Text Effects.

Gradient fill can be found alongside all the other Text Fill options in the Fill Effects… options under the Text Fill button.