Not Your Company’s Office: Must Try Enterprise-Ready Tips with the New Office [VIDEO]

The new Office provides powerful new capabilities and advancements that enterprises can get excited about. This fall, we have two major product-focused conferences – Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in September and Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC) in November – that will dive deep into new features for enterprises. However, today you can view a video from July’s Office preview event, which features demos of a sampling of the new Office’s enterprise capabilities.



The new Office is in the cloud, personalized for you and streamed wherever you are. Here are a few of the new features highlighted in the demo video.

 SharePoint Gets Social

With the new SharePoint, you can follow, like, and interact with the documents, sites and people that matter to you. SharePoint keeps the information in the feed organized, and a synchronization feature integrates with Outlook to allow you to move content to devices on the go. An integrated search experience also helps identify people, documents and sites without having to sift through excess data.

Office Delivers to Multiple Devices

Consumerization of IT is prompting more employees to use their own devices for work purposes. So you can install Office on multiple devices or utilize streaming Office, arming workers with tools offline and online. Regardless of which device you last used to open Office, once you log into your account, your personalized settings and previously opened items are where you left them.

Automated Compliance

With increasingly social enterprise and the explosive growth of compliance requirements both inside and outside organizations, compliance has become everyone’s responsibility. Neither the IT department nor the legal and compliance departments can keep tabs on all of the information that is exchanged in the ordinary course of business. Organizations need tools that enable self-service and automated compliance wherever possible. 



Opportunities with Apps

The new Office introduced a new development model, making it easier for developers to create new applications for more than a billion potential Office users worldwide. This model embraces common web development tools like HTML5 so that developers can build Apps now using the skills they have today. People can discover Apps right within Office, and can use search in the App Store to find the most popular and highest-rated Apps in the market. Enterprises can maintain an internal corporate directory and publish their own business applications into that directory, including third-party apps specific to the business.

Get Started Now

You can try out the new Office and experience first-hand the scenarios in the video by downloading the preview. Keep an eye on this blog and Office Next to stay in the know about the new Office as updates become available. For now, you’ll find a handful of enterprise-ready Office preview resources below.

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