Four how-to’s on finding stuff in your inbox

A stream of email most likely flows into your inbox from co-workers and friends, and from all those enewsletters and notifications you signed up for. You need a quick way to track down specific messages without having to wade through all of them.

To help you cut through the clutter, we’ve compiled four tutorials that show you some ways search in Outlook:

1. Can’t find that email message? These three tips can help.
Whether you are a filer (you keep messages carefully organized in folders) or a piler (you keep all of your messages in your inbox), these three tips can help you find that elusive mail.

2. Better Searching in Outlook 2010
A common problem with email searches is that they can return too many results. Two features in Outlook 2010 make searching your inbox more efficient: the Search Contextual Tab in the Ribbon and the Search Suggestion List.

3. “Zoo Closed, Cobra Missing”: Did they try Outlook Instant Search?
When things go missing in your business, how much time do you waste tracking them down? Instant Search in Outlook can help.

4. Outlook Best Practices: Search folders
A Search Folder is a virtual folder that provides a view of all e-mail items that match specific search criteria. Using Search Folders allows you to view messages in one place, even though they may be located in different inbox folders.

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