Webinar: Back to school stuff for students and teachers

In this week’s webinar, we’ll show you a few tools and advice for your computer as you–or ones you love–head back at school. We also have some advice for teachers and a few free things and discounts to share.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar:

  • Why students need OneNote
  • New free tools for all
  • 4 things students say teachers must stop doing with PowerPoint
  • Student discounts



Mathematics 4.0 Graphing Calculator

Free products for educators

Latest version of free Windows Live Essentials (photo, video, Messenger, etc.)

Stuff for Students

Buy Office

Windows 7 Snap Feature

Free templates

Office 365 for schools (free for schools)

Go to http://aka.ms/offweb for more information on how to join the series and the live Q&A.

–Doug Thomas