Getting started with Project

We’ve re-imagined the Start experience in the new Project with our users as the focus. We want to welcome you to Project and make the experience of using the app intuitive and easy.

The new Start experience is engaging and it helps you to quickly create and find your most recently used projects. You can also take a quick tour of the key features in the new Project and get started with planning your project in no time.

In the rest of this post, we’ll take a look at the new Start experience, Getting Started, and Templates.

Start Experience


Each time you launch Project you will see the new Start experience.

The new Start screen will show you right away that you are signed into Project. You can sign into Project using multiple accounts. We store information regarding the most recent projects, themes, pinned templates and other personal settings in the cloud for each of your accounts. This allows us to show you the most relevant information when you switch between your different accounts or open your project on different connected devices. Check out the blog post on Office and the Cloud to learn more about this.

You will also find a list of your most recent projects, so you can quickly start from where you left off. The Start screen shows you different templates that you can use to start your project. Projects or templates that you use frequently can be pinned to the Start screen, so that they are always available to you.

Getting Started

In previous versions we take you to a blank project when you launch our app. This makes it difficult especially for new users to figure out how to achieve basic tasks such as linking tasks or creating a timeline. It’s also challenging to discover and learn how to use the new features. The new Getting Started experience strives to address these issues and make the experience of coming onboard Project easy and frictionless.

One of the first templates you see in the new Start screen is the Get Started template. This template will help you get your feet wet. It should take you just a few minutes to tour project and be at ease with it.


The template walks you through project basics such as organizing tasks, linking tasks and creating a timeline. It also introduces you to new features and tells you how you can get started with them. See the section on reporting. You can create an eye-catching dashboard report for your Project and share it with your team in 3 easy steps. If you’re eager to learn more we have links to articles which do deep dives into different topics.


When you launch Project for the very first time, we will automatically launch this template and give you an option to learn more. If you want to skip and come back to this information at a later point, that’s fine too. The getting started info will be available as a template in your Start experience or you can look for it under File > New. We want this to be a one-stop hub to explore all the basics and learn new project features.


Are you starting a new project from scratch? Use one of the templates in Project to get a head 


You can access these templates in the Start experience or through File > New.

We have a variety of templates on different topics to choose from. If the template you are looking for is not available you can search for the template on, by typing a keyword in the search box. To learn more on what each template contains, just click on the template.


We’ve strived to ensure that new Project is focused on helping you get your work done faster and with ease. Try out the new features and use the Project getting started guide to help you explore all the great capabilities we have in Project!