The new Visio

Visio iconThis blog post is brought to you by Judy Lew, Group Program Manager for the Visio team.

Last week Microsoft announced that the customer preview of the new Microsoft Office is available for the public to download. At the same time, we released a preview of the new Microsoft Visio, which allows you to try out the new Visio and use all of the improvements for yourself. We’re very excited to share the new Visio with you and will use this Blog to explain new Visio features and improvements.

 In this post, we wanted to give you a brief introduction into what you’ll see in the Visio Preview.

New themes

It’s easy to make great-looking diagrams using just the out-of-the-box settings. New themes and formatting options mean you don’t have to be a designer to create diagrams that look professional and beautiful. Each theme combines colors, fonts, and effects to give great, unified look. You can also tune each theme using one of four variants to customize it even further. New Quick Styles, improved formatting options, and all new shape effects give you the power to control every aspect of a diagram so anyone can produce great looking results.

Themed network shapes

New shapes

Over two hundred shapes are totally new or completely reworked and we’ve updated hundreds of the popular shapes so you can make more modern, compelling diagrams. Some of these shapes give you more variety or a different alternative to existing shapes. Others are completely new, opening up new diagram possibilities. All of them take full advantage of the new themes to make your diagrams look gorgeous. In addition, we’ve added new templates and reworked several existing ones to give you more diagramming options.

 Organization Chart shapes 

New ways to collaborate

Diagrams don’t exist in a vacuum and often you want to work with others or to get input on your work. An all-new commenting model and support for multiple authors editing simultaneously make it easy to collaborate on diagrams. And if you need to get feedback from a coworker who doesn’t have Visio? No problem. You can view and add comments to any diagram using just Visio Services.

Commenting in Visio

New look

When you first launch Visio you’ll see that a lot has changed for this version. We’ve updated the workspace to make it cleaner and easier to use, and added new features to help you create great-looking diagrams quickly.

Visio application window

New file format

We’ve introduced a new XML-based file format (.vsdx) that replaces the Visio Drawing format (.vsd), the Visio XML Drawing format (.vdx) and the Visio Web Drawing format (.vdw). This means that you can save your diagrams to Office 365 or SharePoint and others can view your diagrams in the browser, all without an extra publish step or “intermediary” file. Of course, you can still work with your existing Visio drawings. We support a compatibility mode to ensure that your existing Visio Drawings remain compatible with older versions of Visio.

What’s to come

We’ll be posting more blog posts with details on everything above and more. Keep checking in for updated articles. And please share your comments and let us know if there are topics you’d like to see us post on in the future. Subscribe to our RSS feed to stay update-to-date on our latest blog posts.

Welcome to the Visio Preview and stay tuned…