Pack fun into summer before it flies away

 (Guest bloggers Janice Croze and Susan Carraretto are identical twins, work-at-home-moms, and founders of the top Mom Blog, 5 Minutes for Mom.)

Are you planning a family vacation this summer or are you sticking closer to home and enjoying family time in your own backyard?

Instead of scratching travel notes and ideas for summer activities on pieces of paper, printing screenshots from websites, or emailing yourself bits of information, you can easily organize all that research in an OneNote notebook, which is a part of Office 2010.

Travel Notebooks

Because OneNote lets you be super-organized, you can get a huge head start on trip planning. And, as you collect ideas and grab clips from websites, you’re basically creating a personal travel guide.   

If you want more travel guide ideas to get you started, here are over 40 OneNote travel notebooks for cities around the world written by 40 bloggers. On this same website, there’s a video that teaches you OneNote in 90 seconds. You can download a free OneNote 2010 travel planner here on this blog to start customizing one for your next trip.

Organizing Family Summer Activities

Since our family is not taking a big trip this summer, I’m determined to make summer special right here at home.

When school gets out, I’m full of ideas for the seemingly endless upcoming summer. But it goes quickly, and if I’m not careful, I’ll forget the sights I wanted to show the kids or those special crafts and games I want to try with them that I found online.

So I’m creating an OneNote notebook to organize and pack tons of cool things to do into these weeks of sunshine. If I start hearing, “I’m Bored!”… I’ll be online turning to the next idea in my notebook before the next child can say “Me Too!”

Here’s a peek into my Summer Planning OneNote Notebook…


 My Favorite OneNote Feature

My absolute favorite feature in OneNote is the Screen Clipping tool, which lets you capture a block of text or images from a webpage and then it automatically adds it and a link to the webpage in your OneNote notebook.

In my Summer Planning notebook, I used the Screen Clipping tool to quickly grab my favorite pins and blog posts and organize them into my favorite recipes to make and top list of activities to do with my kids this summer. I’m an active Pinterest user and my boards get full of pins. So I went through my board and quickly captured a selection summer activities and recipes, and added it to my OneNote notebook.

More Summer Help From Office Web Apps

There are even more ways Office can help with your summer planning – try Office Web Apps!  For those of you that aren’t familiar it, Office Web Apps are the free, browser-based versions of Office, which allows you to edit and view your documents from virtually anywhere. You can use Excel to track your summer travel budget and PowerPoint to create a post-vacation slideshow, and then embed it on a webpage to share with all your friends.

I think you’ll find that OneNote and Office Web Apps are the ideal tools for you as a busy moms trying to plan and organize everything for your family. Enjoy your summer!

Guest bloggers Janice Croze and Susan Carraretto are identical twins, work-at-home-moms, and founders of the top Mom Blog, 5 Minutes for Mom.