Webinar: 5 cool things about OneNote (that you probably didn’t know)

Our introductory webinar on OneNote was popular, but lots of you wanted to know more than the basics. In this week’s webinar, you’ll learn five cool things most users don’t know about. We will also go over a few basics for the beginners. Go to http://aka.ms/offweb for more information on how to join the series.

We recommend watching a new updated webinar (better sound & picture quality): Sharing with OneNote.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar:

  • Getting your ideas down very quickly
  • The best way for quick notes & reminders
  • Yes Virginia, OneNote has templates
  • Keep track of written notes and receipts
  • How OneNote is Outlook’s best friend

References for this webinar

OneNote: The Basics

OneNote: Things you (probably) didn’t know

–Doug Thomas