Download the PowerPoint 2010 Viewer

(This post, originally published in 2010, announced the availability of the PowerPoint 2010 Viewer. This post remains incredibly popular because so people find the Viewer to be a useful tool. We’re republishing it so readers of our blog can find and use it, too.)

I’m excited to announce that our new PowerPoint Viewer is now available here for free download . By installing the PowerPoint Viewer, you can open and watch PowerPoint presentations in all formats, no matter what computer you’re using. We’ve revamped our viewer to display PowerPoint presentations, including those created in 2010, in full-fidelity. This means that all the new transitions, videos, and effects will appear and behave exactly like they do in PowerPoint 2010.

image In order to display presentations with such high quality, you’ll need to install the PowerPoint 2010 Viewer on your computer. This is a departure from previous viewers, which run as standalone files.

The Viewer has always been one of our most popular downloads (not just for PowerPoint, but for all of Microsoft), and we’ll be continuing to work on it and update it for our customers.

Please let us know via comments about how you’re using the Viewer and any questions or problems you have.

Want to download the new Viewer? Here’s the link again.

Allen Huang
PowerPoint Program Manager



Update: We’ve received a number of questions about why the PowerPoint 2010 Viewer requires installation, rather than being a no-installation .EXE that can be burned to CDs.  Our number one goal is to keep your computers safe and secure; the only way for us to ensure that the PowerPoint Viewer is always up-to-date and secure is by requiring installation, which enables the application to receive future security updates. If you’d like a way to view PowerPoint presentations and share them with others without downloading any software, we recommend using the PowerPoint Web App.