Getting Started Tip 5: Connect task lists & turn notes into emails

OneNote, Outlook icons and checkmarkDid you know OneNote and Outlook are well connected? You can send emails via Outlook right from OneNote. And you can track your To-Do list in both of them at the same time. This post shows you how.  





Turn notes into emails

Let’s say you’ve just finished taking notes at a meeting and want to send them to meeting attendees. In OneNote, on the Home tab, click E-mail Page.

Screenshot of partial OneNote Ribbon and E-mail page selected


Outlook opens, and your OneNote page is turned into an email–just add meeting attendees and send. 

Screenshot of OneNote page turned into Outlook email


Syncing to-do task lists in OneNote and Outlook 

Maybe you’ve made notes in OneNote on a bunch of things that you need to get done. You can add these as tasks and track them in both OneNote and Outlook at the same time. 

In OneNote, highlight the tasks you want to add to your Outlook task list, then click Outlook tasks and decide when you want to complete them by:

Screenshot of OneNote Ribbon with Outlook Tasks button selected


They appear in Outlook on your To-Do list.

Screenshot of OneNote tasks in Outlook To-Do list


Also, when you mark a task as completed in Outlook, it will show up as completed in OneNote and vice versa–pretty cool.