Schedule View in Outlook 2010

(We first published this post in March 2010 when Outlook 2010 had been recently released. Lots and lots of people find it a very useful feature, so we’re publishing it again to let even more of you know about it.)

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a new feature called Schedule View that makes it easier to schedule time with your co-workers. Schedule View is a new horizontal layout for the Outlook calendar that displays many calendars at the same time.


To try Schedule View in Outlook 2010, in Calendar, click Schedule View . Schedule View also appears if five or more calendars are selected. (That number is customizable.)


Team Calendar

Schedule View is useful when you work closely with a team of co-workers who share their calendars. If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server account, the calendar group Team Calendar appears in the Calendar Navigation Pane. The Team Calendar group contains calendars for your manager, direct reports, and peers as determined from information in the Windows Active Directory.

To view your team calendar, select the Team Calendar check box. All calendars in the group appear in the Schedule View.


Scheduling a meeting

To schedule a meeting when in Schedule View, do the following:

1. In Calendar, in the Navigation Pane, select the people that you want to invite to the meeting. Select the conference room if you also want to include a conference room resource.

2. If you want to schedule a conference room resource, select a conference room.

3. The top row of the Schedule View displays a summary of the free/busy availability for all the people that you have selected. You can use this summary to find the best time for the meeting.

4. After you have selected a time slot, on the Home tab, in the New group, click New Meeting. The attendees and time are automatically entered. Type a subject, and then click Send.


I hope you find Schedule View useful. I look forward to your comments!

Yasuhiko Mori
Outlook Program Manager, Tokyo, Japan