And the winner of the VLOOKUP Great White Shark Award is…

VLOOKUP Week's Great White Shark Award WinnerJP Pinto!  Congratulations!

His post was one of seven chosen by Bill Jelen as the most innovative ones published during VLOOKUP Week.  He won a copy Bill Jelens book Microsoft Excel 2010 In Depth. You can find links to all seven posts and see the voting results in our wrap-up post of VLOOKUP Week.



 JP Pinto’s post Cascading Validation Lists shows you how to use the CHOOSE and VLOOKUP functions to create a series of dropdown lists that “cascade” so that the choices in a second list depend on what you choose from a first list. You can use these lists to constrain the choices that users see in list boxes.

Cascading Dropdown List

JP Pinto blogs at, where he writes Excel articles for common users to help improve their skills.