Word video: Convert a table to text

(Note: This post was first published in September 2010.)

If you have text, you can convert that into a table. You can also convert a table back into text.

I’ve been seeing quite a few questions about this, so I thought it would make a good “Word of the week” video.

In this example, the table contains names and addresses. I want to convert that to comma-deliminated text so I can use it in a mail merge.

Let’s take a look:

If you just want the text version of the instructions:

Click in the table. On the Table Tools Layout tab (one of the tabs that appears when you click in the table), in the Data group, click Convert to Text. In the dialog box, specify how you want the text separated.

For more information on tables, see Add or delete a table.

And for more information on mail merge data sources, see Use mail merge to create and print letters and other documents.

— Joannie Stangeland