Freeze Panes made simple (Video)

Ever wanted to see just a part of your Excel worksheet that’s way over on the right? You scroll over and find the information you’re looking for, but your row or column headings-sometimes both-have disappeared. Or maybe you want to see data in one row that’s at the bottom of your worksheet (which might contain hundreds or even thousands of rows). How can you go to that row and still see how its data has been categorized in the headings? By using the Freeze Panes commands on the View tab in Excel.



Video on Freezing and Unfreezing Rows and Columns

Watch this video to learn how how to make the following elements “freeze” in your worksheet:

  • The top header row:  the column headers will remain visible as you scroll down
  • The first column:  you can scroll to the right and see other column headers
  • Other combinations of rows and columns:  select other columns and rows you want to remain visible

Video: Freeze or unfreeze rows and columns.